Electronics Process

Pickup / Drop off
We pick up your equipment and transport it to our Longmont facility.
Anyone is welcome to drop off the equipment at one of our collection sites.

Transfer of Ownership
All customers sign a release form transferring the ownership of the equipment
to G&S. This release has a tracking number, what you want done with the
equipment (donate or destroy,) your information and how we operate.
We use this tracking # through whatever process you chose.

Each item we pick up is logged by make, model, serial # and tracking # .

Sort and Separate
All items are sorted as to destroy or donate and move to
separate places in our facility.

When re-market is requested we use the same process as the donation process on each computer before contacting the companies we use to re-market your items.
We give them 30 days to move the equipment. After 30 days the equipment is offered to the not-for profits and the public. The equipment may or may not be scrapped after 60 days.
We are not in the computer sales business. We are in the scrapping business. Any equipment that is offered to the public has a tech fee charge. We give you the equipment and you pay for our tech time.

Destruction Process
Donation Process
All equipment is dismantled by hand.
Each material sorted into separate boxes
as per type of material.
CRT tubs are moved into our clean room
where the are broken into UL approved drums
before shipping to the glass processor.
Each item is inspected for damage.
Each item is thoroughly tested.
Every harddrive is wiped with DOD software
or removed and destroyed.
A new OS is installed on hard drives
with a corresponding COA
Every item is thoroughly cleaned inside and out.


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