Why Recycle

Why Do we need to Recycle Electronics ?

Almost all electronics contain hazardous materials that, if disposed of improperly, may pose a risk to public health and the environment. Cathode ray tubes (CRTs) found in color televisions and color computer monitors contain significant amounts of lead.  Central processing units (CPUs), keyboards and other computer equipment contain printed circuit boards and other complex circuitry that frequently contain lead, chromium, silver and other metals. Scanners, Fax machines and Laptops contain mercury vapor tubes. In addition, some older computers contain mercury switches, and all CPUs contain a battery such as nickel-cadmium, lithium or sealed lead acid.

Are electronics a traceable waste ?

 Yes, as a business or a private party you register your electronics three or more times after you buy them. First with your purchase method PO’S, credit cards or checks . Then you get a warranty for service which has your name, make, model, and serial number. If you get an extra service contract for a longer time frame again name, make, model and serial number are given. The next area where you register all the information is on the web. You have to register software, and your computer on line. If you call a customer service line, they also ask for this information. These are just some of the ways your electronic waste can be tracked. If you want to throw your computer in someone’s dumpster or out in a field, there is a 90 plus percent chance of someone finding the owner. The fines are very large for illegal dumping.

Record keeping

 Laws require record keeping of disposed or recycled electronics for 3 years. This is mandatory to protect you, the client, and us, the recycler. One simple phone call can take care of all of your recycling needs. G&S will pickup your electronics and supply you with an inventory list including description, model and serial number.
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