Guide Lines

When choosing a company to recycle your electronics there are several
questions you need to ask. The cost is not the only thing you need to consider.
The average cost to recycle a monitor in the US is $12.00. The recycler has
a cost of between $3.00 and $5.00 just to have the leaded glass processed properly.

Does the recycler dismantle your equipment here in the state of Colorado or are they shipped to another state or Country?

G&S dismantle all end of life electronics here in Colorado.

Does the recycler resell some of your equipment to offset their lower charges?

G&S will only resell your equipment when the proper paperwork is signed. And we give you back 30% of the sale. We refurbish some equipment and donate or give it to Gives Inc., Schools, non-profits, as well as people that can’t afford to by a new system.

If the recycler does resell your equipment, what do they do about your data that is still on your hard drives? (How are you protected when it is shipped out of state and sold by the company they ship it to?)

 G&S dismantles every hard drive and cuts the disks in half. We use a software program that deletes your data, rewrites and reformats to DOD (Department of Defense) specifications, before it is donated to Gives Inc. or given out.

Does the recycler sell parts and pieces out of your equipment to overseas buyers?

There is a large demand for hard drives, floppy drives and CD ROM’s. G&S Does NOT sell any items to overseas buyers, We destroy or wipe all hard drives before donating. Floppy drives and CD ROM drives are sent to US material handlers for testing, refurbishing or, destruction.

Does the recycler give you an itemized list of make, model, and serial number?

By state and federal law your company has to keep a record of make, model & serial number of all your electronics on file for 3 years after you have retired it. G&S will pick up your equipment, log it electronically by make, model and serial number and give you an Acrobat file of this log as well as a printed copy. If requested, we will also give you a certificate of destruction with the date it was dismantled.

There are several companies that call themselves electronic recyclers when in fact they are shippers. They will pick up your equipment for recycling and then ship it to another state for dismantling or resale. They will give you documentation that the electronics are not shipped overseas that is about all they will give you. By law that is all they have to do.


Choose your Electronics Recycler Wisely
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