Electronics Recycling

Plainly, our prosperity and safety are increasingly dependent on advancing technologies.
Too, it’s plain that we share the unavoidable responsibility for yesterday’s high-tech trash.
You and your company deserve a recycler that offers multiple recycling options.
With our customers in mind, G&S has developed a system for multiple recycling
options for all your needs.

Helping you plan for systematic disposal of any electronic waste.
Waste reduction analysis and planning for business, schools and government agencies.
Providing full tracking and reciepting of all waste.
Complete reporting proves that you have disposed of your electronic waste the right way.
Giving you the choice of destruction, donation or re-marketing.
Helping with other recyclable material.

G&S provides secure, turn-key transportation services for quick and efficient removal
of equipment from your facility.  We perform on-site packing and adhere to stringent
shipping and security requirements.

G&S follows all applicable state, federal and EPA regulations for the proper disposal of
electronic scrap and issues a Certificate of Destruction for all recycled equipment upon request.

G&S manages the risks associated with IT disposal so you don’t have to. We have you
sign a release, releasing the equipment to us, relieving you of all responsibility.

G&S give you 3 choices for recycling equipment.
Total destruction, donation or re-market.
If your equipment has a resale value we can recover some, if not all, of your recycling costs.

G&S ensures that all client data and software are removed from all electronic media.
Corporate identifiers and asset tags are physically removed. Hard drive erase procedures
adhere to US Department of Defense standards. Inoperable hard drives are destroyed so
that all data and software are unrecoverable.

All equipment is inventoried by make, model and serial number.
Sorted as to destroy or donate. If requested after thoroughly testing and data destruction
it will be donated not sold. Your equipment is processed at our Longmont facility.
You are welcome to inspect the process at any time.

G&S provides an itemized list with each invoice. You can request a copy at any time.

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