School Computer Exchange Program Reduces Recycling Costs.
For more than four years G&S has been helping Colorado schools properly dispose
of unneeded electronics and computer systems. Recently we realized that putting
schools in need of computer equipment, together with those that have unneeded
equipment, would create opportunity, reduce costs, and lower tax burdens.

Often, a school can obtain as many as ten computer systems for less than the
purchase price of a single new system.

Saving Your IT Budget

1.   Lower your recycling costs.

  •       We do not charge schools for newer, working equipment, that can be donated.
  •       We only charge for damaged, old, or non-working equipment.
  •       Saving your technicians time.

2.   G&S assumes complete responsibility for testing and removing all of your software and data,
giving your technicians time to get the newer systems up and running.

3.   Improving technology in lower income schools.

  •     By donating this refurbished equipment back to other schools you are saving tax dollars.

Working and useful systems are displayed on the available equipment page.

Participating  Schools understand they are responsible for recycling fees associated
with non-usable equipment.

Requesting Schools understand they are only registering a request.
Distribution is on a first-come first-serve basis. A minimal charge for each
system distributed covers our refurbishing costs.

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